Group lessons up to 8 maximum. All lessons are tailored to the needs of the students.
 Café & Library 
English & French books, magazines, DVDs, on Fridays, 9h30-12h30, in le Lion d'Or, l'Isle Jourdain
Club Midi- Monthly lunch
3rd Thursday of the month, 12.30 pm, different local restaurants
Meet and Exchange. Quiz night with meal every two months. Games nights. Walks. Outings and visits. Jumble Sales... See Calendar.
 Gardeners' Club
Once a month. Visit a garden, gardening topics, sharing gardening ideas and experience...
Fish & Chips Dinners
1st Friday of the month, 7.30 pm, Restaurant Le Barrage, l'Isle Jourdain
 Administrative Assistance 
Drop in sessions, on Fridays, 9h30 -12h30, in Le Lion d'Or, l'Isle Jourdain.
Charity shop de l'I.S.L.E.
Le Brik-à-Brok. 16-18 Grand'Rue du Pont, 86150 L'Isle Jourdain.
Wednesdays 10 am - 12.30 pm and 2 pm - 5 pm
Fridays 10 am - 12.30 pm
Other activities 
Other activities done: Conversation, Pronunciation, Zentangle, Collage-scrapbooking, Singing, Patchwork, Petanque, Information Meeting, Induction to life in France...