The Association de l’I.S.L.E. can help you with everyday life in France, 
and to make it a fulfilling experience. You get the benefit of bilingual staff, 
having had experience in business in England and in France.

To help you, the office of the Association de l’I.S.L.E. is open every Friday morning 
from 9.30 am to 12.30 pm for drop-in sessions. 
Here you can get help with, for example: 

- making a phone call
- making photocopies
- getting advice
- dealing with bureaucracy and red tape
- form filling 
- understanding a letter you receive

There is also a well stocked library containing books in English and in  French, 
as well as videos, DVDs and CDs.

Many queries can be dealt with on the spot during the drop-in session, but if your query requires more time than is available, or for a more complex matter, we will arrange for an appointment  for you with our partner organisation 

Continental Horizons

One of the 4 main aims of the Association de l’I.S.L.E is Integration.
Through our drop-in sessions and our Association as a whole, 
we can help you achieve an enriched life in France.

Administrative Assistance